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The pulmonary medicine department specializes in the lung disease diagnosis and multi-disciplinary treatment of lung cancer. There are 172 beds and 40 physicians belong to the department, with established endoscope room, lung function laboratory and intervention pulmonology, day chemotherapy ward, general lung and respiratory intervention subdisciplines. More than 28,000 patients were admitted and more than 200,000 outpatients were visited. The quantity of outpatient and inpatient patients is more than 28,000 and 200,000 respectively.

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The department is the key discipline listed in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, national teaching base of intervention diagnosis and treatment of Ministry of Health, and national specialist training base of Ministry of Health. There are four tutors of doctoral degree candidates, 10 tutors of postgraduate degree candidates, 21 chief physicians and more than 20 physicians with doctor degree. More than 82 percent of the staff are with postgraduate degree. The department has established cooperation with the Czech Republic and Yale University. The annual conference, international conferences on the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory endoscopy, have been held seven times successfully.

The department was supported by more than 40 funding in the recent five years with 10 national funding. Currently, the department is undertaking national special program, “Early Diagnosis and Treatment Based on Domestic Electromagnetic Navigation System.” More than 300 papers have been published and 50 different clinical trials have been performed. 

As a leading PI of Class I Anti-cancer Drug Anlotinib phase 3 Research in 2018, the study results were published on JAMA Oncology. Moreover, the department has been actively participated in and designed dozens of international cooperative clinical trials of new anticancer drugs in China, among IPASS research which were published on New England Journal of Medicine.

It has good collaboration with Yale University Lung Cancer Center in the past 10 years. A Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Demonstration Center has been established between China and Czechoslovakia. The international conference on diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer has been successfully held for consecutive seven years.

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