Jiang Liyan is deputy director of the  Pulmonary Medicine Department, Professor and adviser of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Jiang is the director of the Office for National Agency for Clinical Trials of Drugs in Shanghai Chest Hospital, deputy director of Clinical Research Office of Lung Cancer in Shanghai Chest Tumour Institute, and deputy director of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine of Shanghai Chest Hospital as well as the chair of Academic Committee of Thoracic Oncology Society of CMEA (China Medicine Education Association). She is also a committee member of “Geriatrics and Health Care,” deputy head of the infectious disease group of Shanghai Pulmonary Medicine Society of Chinese Medical Association, director of Shanghai Anti-tuberculosis Society, member of Shanghai Respiratory Branch of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, and deputy chief of Exercise Rehabilitation Panel of Respiratory Rehabilitation Specialized Committee of Shanghai Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, deputy head of Chinese Medical Association Shanghai Respiratory Society lung cancer group, director of lung cancer transformation medicine research department of Shanghai Institute of Respiratory Diseases, Standing Committee of the Chinese Medical Association of Integrative Medicine Respiratory Disease Committee, Assessment Expert for Shanghai Science and Technology Awards, Vice Chair Shanghai Anti-Cancer Association Respiratory Endoscopy professional committee. 


She is also a member of ASCO, IASLC, SPFC and CSCO. In 2000, she was awarded the “Excellent Paper” in the fifth academic conference of China Cancer Research foundation; in 2002, she was voted “New Star in Medical Sciences” by Shanghai Health Bureau. She has carried out several bureau- or higher-level research projects, including one international cooperation project, four projects supported by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, one project supported by the Key Basic Projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and one project supported by the Youth Research Foundation of Shanghai Health Bureau. She is one of the editorial board member of International Journal of Respiratory Diseases, editorial board member of Anti-Cancer Magazine, editorial board member of Chinese version of “Annals of oncology,” reviewer of China Lung Cancer Journal Reviewers of “The Clinical Respiratory Journal,” Oncotarget,” and “Cancer Letters.” Jiang received her doctor’s degree from Fudan University and is interested in combining new resources for a translational medicine approach.

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