Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine Department

Established in 1959, the integrated traditional and Western medicine department has been an important part of clinical disciplines in the hospital for decades. In recent years, with the further optimization of the clinical direction, the department has gradually established a model of prevention and treatment of thoracic tumors such as bronchogenic carcinoma, esophagus neoplasms and thymus tumor combined with traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine integrated Western medicine, as well as paid attention to the palliative treatment of cardiothoracic disease and advanced cancer.



The department has successfully developed “Qiyeling Herbal Granule” and formally put it into clinical application, and the curative effect of the Chinese traditional medicine prescription named “Shidaotongjiefang” has been confirmed through long-term clinical practice. Participating in the construction of “Esophagus diseases diagnosis and treatment center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University” and expanding the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the department has always been progressing and made good effects.

As the main research institution of many scientific projects, the research achievements of the department have won a series of prizes and rewards, such as the second prize of Outstanding Achievement Award of Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions, the third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and etc. The department entered into the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” key specialist (Oncology of Chinese Medicine) construction unit of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012, and was awarded as a demonstration unit of Chinese medicine in the National General Hospital in 2015.


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