Emergency Department

The emergency department is a specialized with chest and lung emergencies as the main treatment object. The department serves as the important service window of the hospital. The quality of emergency work is an important indicator to measure the overall level of hospitals.


In recent years, with the continuous development and expansion of hospitals, the number of emergency cases in hospitals has increased dramatically. However, under the leadership of directors of the department, the department has become a professional medical team with good overall quality by improving the emergency response capacity of the team.

The department has won many honors at hospital and municipal level. There are six doctors with senior professional titles. For several years in a row, many articles were collected by SCI and other core journals.

In 2016, the department won the “Shanghai Women's civilized Post.” Over the past few years, the department has brought students from Shanghai Jiao Tong Medical University to participate in clinical works. The team brings strong love, creativity, noble medical ethics and consummate medical skills to the patients. With love vows and solid action, the team will make greater contributions to the chest emergency health care development.


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