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As a significant part in hospital, hospital pharmacy plays a vital role in the whole administration. Pharmacy department consists of outpatient/emergency pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pharmacy, drug storage, inpatient pharmacy, pharmacy intravenous admixture service (PIVAS) and clinical pharmacy. These six sections collaborate for drug supply/dispensing/configuration, pharmaceutical service, pharmacy administration, pharmaceutical quality control and pharmaceutical research. There are 55 staff among which are one chief pharmacist, one associate professor, two associate chief pharmacists and 12 pharmacists-in-charge. There are three people with doctor degree and five with master degree. 



Different from traditional pattern of drug supply, the department is transforming to patient-centered pharmaceutical care.

1. Focus on rational drug use. We innovate conduct 24-hour clinical service by clinical pharmacist, and the team of disease-based clinical pharmacists are viable.

2. Promote scientific researches. In recent years, two municipal projects, five projects in school-level have been completed, with submitting four papers in SCI and more than 20 paper in core journals.

3. Pharmacy automation construction. We introduces automatic dispensing equipment for oral drugs to ensure drug safety.

4. Enlarge PIVAS and restrict criteria. For that, safer intravenous drugs and better pharmaceutical service can be provided for clinical use.

5. Apply intelligent drug management system in operation pharmacy. Instead of former medicine cabinet management, the department will make full use of the intelligent management.

We conduct pharmacy administration and pharmaceutical services steadily for improving the services in pharmacy. Rewards were granted during these years, and pharmacy department was rewarded as Shanghai good clinical pharmacy management in 2018.


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