Laboratory Medicine Department

The laboratory medicine department is a clinical and research center. It mainly focus on providing routine and specialized diagnostic testing services including hematology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, molecular diagnosis, transfusion, emergency tests and blood collection specialties. It comprises 32 staff members among them are one chief technician, one associate chief technician, nine supervising technicians, one master supervisor, two with PhD and eight with master’s degree in the lab.



The key goal of the department is to constantly improve the clinical service ability. In spite of annual increase in workload, it is always dedicated to enhancing the quality and efficiency of clinical tests. On the basis of advanced automatic instruments and intelligent information systems, the department is now applying for ISO 15189 certification in accordance with international standards. Based on the concept of lean management, the department is constantly optimizing the process and improving the efficiency of service. The department is carrying out the personal assessment system based on working, teaching and researching. Everyone will make great efforts to promote the construction of department culture and team building.

As for scientific research, the department focuses on the basic, translational and clinical research of liquid biopsy in lung cancer and now runs more than 10 research programs including NSFC. More than 20 academic papers have been published on international journals.


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