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The nutrition department is part of the hospital’s clinical discipline. It undertakes critical neoplasms, chest neoplasms, especially esophageal cancer, periphageal cancer and perioperative enteral nutrition treatment. It is responsible for the hospital’s medical nutrition, dietary therapy, nutrition ward rounds, nutrition consultation, nutrition education and nutrition history records.


The nutrition room has an enteral nutrition preparation room which provides enteral nutrient solution for clinical tube feeding clinical feeding patients. The number of preparations is about 20,000 bottles during the year, providing basic meals for inpatients, therapeutic meals, special meals, tailor-made dishes, family box lunches and food processing and etc. It ensures providing patients with safe, hygienic, nutritious and inexpensive meals.

There are six members in the department, including one with senior title, three with intermediate titles, and two with intermediate titles. They have graduate and junior college degrees with rich clinical nutrition experience.

The department has launched the information management system. The ward patients can order the food on wireless tablet computers. The system improves the efficiency and service quality. So far, the patient satisfaction has reached 99.85 percent.


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