Pulmonary Function Department

Established in the 1950s, the pulmonary function department has been greatly improved the pulmonary function testing technology by the pulmonary function technology and clinical application. After more than 50 years of unremitting efforts, the department has evolved from a single examination unit that can only check the ventilation function to a comprehensive examination department that can comprehensively evaluate the patient's respiratory function.



At present, the department carries out pulmonary function, pulmonary ventilation function, bronchodilator test and other pulmonary function tests. It can also launch bedside pulmonary function test, exhaled nitric oxide, 6-minute walk test, exhaled breath condensate, sleep monitoring and other inspection items. Moreover, the department created the lung transplant patients preoperative and postoperative function assessment as well as prediction of lobectomy patients with postoperative rehabilitation treatment and many other new projects. Synthesized strength has always been in a leading position in domestic medicinal realm.

It has one deputy chief physician, one technician in charge and five technicians. Various types of lung function and respiratory system related to the determination have been tested every year. During recent years, the department has made great strides in medical teaching and scientific research with the vigorous support of the leaders of the hospital. It has trained dozens of continuing medical doctors and internship students from different hospital all over the country. The department has undertaken several hospital topics and papers being shared in domestic and international academic conferences and lectures. Besides, many papers have been published on international and domestic medical journals.


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