Cardiac Function Room

The cardiac function room (CFR) has advanced electrocardiogram detection and diagnostic equipment in China. The department carries out the network management of electrocardiogram and builds a large database of electrocardiogram. The examination items of routine electrocardiogram, dynamic electrocardiography, dynamic blood pressure, and treadmill exercise test are widely applied in the department for a long time. It intends to set up long-term dynamic ECG and diagnosis of AI-ECG. CFR examined almost 100,000 people per year and became a designated physical examination unit for some athletes and pilots. The department has a group of professional team members with a wealth of experience in the detection and diagnosis of heart disease. CFR provides medical services for patients with excellent professional skills and 24/7 medical treatment on the basis of strict quality control. All reports are provided timely and accurately. Meanwhile, CFR endeavors to conduct academic exchanges, and regularly organizes the difficult ECG study and discussion. CFR has also served as an intern teaching and training mission for many medical schools in the long term.



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