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The research center of Shanghai Chest Hospital was established in June 2014, designed for basic experiment teaching, hospital-based research and social medical service. The center will focus on building a key laboratory for thoracic neoplasms. At present, it has 11 employees including three doctors, six masters and two graduates. The center will build a team with scientific research enthusiasm and professional techniques, providing hospital-based scientific research by combining clinical disease and basic science.



The center provides research platforms for students as well as scientists of clinical departments in the hospital. The future of the research center would be based on international research cooperation in distinctive of clinical diseases. The center is undertaking lots of core projects, including “Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period,” “National Natural Science Foundation of China,” “Shanghai Climbing Plan” and etc.

Moreover, the center features eight sub-platforms which are cell culture and metabolism platform, biological cell imaging platform, circulating tumor cells and flow detection platform, tumor immuno-biological cancer therapy platform, drug screening and animal model platform, proteomics and signal transduction platform, molecular pathology platform for research and gene amplification and sequencing platform. These platforms are equipped with real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR, nucleic acid and protein gel imaging system, microtome, nucleic acid protein quantitative analyzer, microplate reader, pure water system, micro-balance, gradient PCR instrument, two-dimensional electrophoresis, electroporation, flow cytometry, various kinds of low-temperature high-speed centrifuges, multi-function image analyzers, laser confocal microscopes, and other advanced experimental and precision equipments. These devices can be used to do research in the field of molecular biology, cell biology, tumor proteomics, drug screening, immunobiology and etc.

So far, the center has been supported to conduct 90 hospital research projects, including antibody-targeted therapy research, esophageal cancer immuno-microenvironment research, molecular mechanism of heart valve calcification, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the precise mechanism of chest tumors.


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