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The Clinical Trial Institution has been established since 2004. In March 2008, it passed the on-site certification of CFDA experts. In August 2018, the clinical research institute filing of national medical device was completed. At present, the institute has eight departments which are Respiratory Medicine Department, Oncology Department, Thoracic Surgery Department, Cardiovascular Medicine Department, Anesthesiology Department, Cardiac Macrovascular Surgery Department, Radiotherapy Department and Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.


Now it has the qualification to carry out the Phase I, II, III and IV drug clinical trials and clinical research devices, which indicates that the hospital has reached the national standard in the research of new drugs and devices, thus providing a new platform for the development of the discipline. Under the guidance “surviving on quality, developing with innovation, keeping safe by guarding and serving with honesty,” all personnel of the drug clinical trial institute have completed various tasks.

The hospital actively launches high-quality international multi-center clinical research, and has acted as a unit leader to carry out various clinical trial projects. By the end of 2018, the hospital has undertaken a total of 347 clinical trial projects, 245 drug clinical trials and 102 clinical trials for medical devices. The drug and device clinical researches by our hospital have successfully passed the audit of international expert group and the site verification of former CFDA.

The institution has organized the internal and external trainings, including in-house trainings for 60 times and out-of-hospital GCP trainings for 80 times. It has successfully applied and held four sessions of GCP-themed national continuing education classes, attracting nearly 700 participants. Meanwhile, the institution has created GCP Salon Group, gathering the personnel from more than 50 drug clinical trial agencies in China to carry out long-term strategic cooperation and joint exchanges.

The institution has received several visits from other hospitals. In order to create more favorable conditions for better clinical trials in the future, it will launch more professional trainings.

The institution has a total of 24 faculty members, including 16 doctors,5 mastersand three graduates . It sets one director and four deputy directors. There is one office director andtwo secretaries. 


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