Doctors remove massive tumor from girl's trachea

A 14-year-old girl had a massive tumor removed from her trachea at Shanghai Chest Hospital, officials announced on Friday.

The tumor was discovered after the girl struggled to breathe during a PE class. She was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found a 2-centimeter tumor blocking 90 percent of her breathing passage. If not removed, she could have suffocated.

The family took the girl from northeast China to Shanghai Chest Hospital, one of the few hospitals capable for such a challenging operation.

Dr Yao Feng lead his team to conduct the surgery. He said it was a very difficult and complicated surgery, as doctors needed to remove the entire tumor and rebuild the trachea to ensure the patient’s proper breathing. The tumor was only 3 millimeters away from the vocal area, so any mistake could have impacted the girl’s future life quality.

The surgery went smoothly and the entire tumor was removed, while ensuring the girl's proper breathing and speaking abilities, doctors said.

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