City hospital to expand lung cancer program

Shanghai Chest Hospital is to expand its community-based lung cancer prevention and control program to more districts this year after a successful trial in Xuhui District.

The program offers screening to people at high risk and provides green channels and different levels of consultation and medical services in line with the screening results.

In the program, general physicians screen patients based on their medical records and family history, and those at high risk will receive low-doze computer tomography, or LDCT, at the hospital.

Results will be sent to GPs, who help patients arrange outpatient services with specialists at the hospital and follow the treatment process.

People detected with lung cancer or other conditions needing medical intervention can enjoy a green channel at the hospital, while their GPs will give followup management after patients are transferred back to the community after surgery and other treatment.

“Early screening and professional medical treatment and direction are key to improve treatment effects and survival rate of lung cancer patients,” said Han Baohui, leader of the hospital program. “We plan to expand the program to districts of Hongkou and Qingpu soon.”

“We are encouraging innovation in health-care services and a better management to benefit patients and enhance clinical quality,” said Li Chaohong, a hospital official. “Projects like quicker after-surgery recovery, digital payment, intelligent management on day surgery wards and community-based lung cancer screening have all received positive feedback from patients.”

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