Interventional Respiratory Disease Subspecialty


Interventional respiratory disease subspecialty is a medical science and technology center that involves the invasive diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases. The scope of diagnosis and treatment focuses on the diagnosis of intrathoracic lymph node enlargement and peripheral pulmonary nodules, the treatment of central complex airway lesions and central airway obstruction due to benign and malignant lesions, interventional therapy of early stage of lung cancer that are not suitable for surgery, interventional therapy of advanced thoracic tumors, diagnosis and treatment of pleural disease and pulmonary vascular disease, lung volume reduction of severe emphysema, and thermotherapy treatment of intractable asthma. The technologies involved mainly include advanced diagnostic techniques for respiratory endoscopy (endobronchial ultrasound, magnetic navigation bronchoscopy, medical thoracoscopy), and therapy techniques for respiratory endoscopy (ragid bronchoscopy, tumor ablation, and endobronchial  stents implantation), image-guided interventional diagnosis, treatment of thoracic cavity, bronchial artery embolization and etc. In 2017, the department was established and 12 beds were approved.

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