Lung Cancer Surgery Subspecialty


The lung cancer surgery subspecialty has always been the benchmark unit of lung cancer surgical treatment in China. It took the lead in drafting the clinical diagnosis and treatment guidelines of lung cancer (edition 2018) for Chinese Medical Association.


There are more than 10,000 patients with lung cancer who have been operated in our department every year, which have been in the leading position of the world in the minimally invasive surgical treatment of early stage lung cancer and the multidisciplinary treatment of locally advanced lung cancer. In the field of minimally invasive surgical treatment of lung cancer, the department has formed an international leading minimally invasive surgical system consisting of 2D thoracoscopy, 3D thoracoscopy, fluorescent thoracoscopy and Da Vinci robotic system. Among them, 3-D uniportal thoracoscopy and Da Vinci robotic lung cancer surgery rank first in the number and quality of single medical center.


With the development of minimally invasive surgery technology, the indications of minimally invasive surgery in the department have been breaking through from traditional early lung cancer to locally advanced lung cancer. More and more difficult and complex operations can be performed under minimally invasive conditions to minimize the trauma of patients.


As the earliest multidisciplinary treatment team for lung cancer at home and abroad, the department has maintained an international leading position in the surgical treatment of T4 stage lung cancer under the background of marked improvement after induction therapy (including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeting or immunization) for locally advanced lung cancer patients. Through standardized treatment, the survival of these patients has been improved.


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