Tracheal Subspecialty of Thoracic Surgery


Tracheal subspecialty of thoracic surgery is the birthplace of tracheal surgery in China. It pioneered the treatment of tracheal surgery in China and initiated most of the methods of tracheal surgery in China. At present, the department has nearly 200 operations per year, covering all trachea, carina, main bronchus and lobar bronchus reconstruction operations. Disease spectrum covers stenosis, tumor and other diseases. The number and technology of operations are in the leading level over the world.


The department has established a multidisciplinary team of tracheal diseases including surgery, endoscopy, anesthesia, radiotherapy and so on. It is good at high, long, severe and complex tracheal and carina operations. Tracheal surgery is complex and has a low prevalence. The team has been committed to promoting the “Model of Shanghai Chest Surgery” for tracheal diseases in China. In recent years, it has been devoted to minimally invasive tracheal surgery. It has taken the lead in thoracoscopic and Robot-assisted tracheal and bronchial reconstruction in China, and achieved good results.

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