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Mediastinal surgery department, a subspecialty of thoracic surgery department, has accumulated rich experience and great achievements in the diagnosis, treatment and research of mediastinal diseases. Based on its clinical cases of thymic tumors, the WHO classification of thymic tumors was established in 2004. And mediastinal surgery department also participated in the formulated of the first UICC TNM staging of thymic tumors in 2014.


The number of annually clinical cases in the mediastinal surgerydepartment is more than 1,000 cases and ranks first in the world, including not only mediastinal tumors (more than 600 cases of thymic tumors, neurogenic tumors, germ cell tumors, lymphomas), but also mediastinal diseases (myasthenia gravis, benign mediastinal diseases, metastatic diseases, local mediastinal manifestations of systemic diseases, and diseases that spread from adjacent organs).


As a member of multidisciplinary team, mediastinal surgery department maintains a long-term close relationship of cooperation with department of pathology, radiotherapy and oncology. At the same time, as the chairman unit of China Anti-cancer Association and CSCO Mediastinal Committee and with the help of International Thymic Malignancy Interesting Group (ITMIG) and Chinese Alliance for Research of Thymoma (ChART), it will continue to maintain the leading technological level in China and the center for mediastinal disease with the largest number of clinical cases in the world.

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