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Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) department features diagnosis and treatment of heart failure and severe heart disease. The team is leaded by several well-known cardiovascular professors in this field. Majority includes acute coronary syndrome, refractory heart failure, complex cardiomyopathy and etc. The number of hospitalized heart failure patients reaches one of the best in Shanghai every year.

The team has become the first registered member of China Heart Failure Center, evaluating the efficacy of various new drugs and new techniques in treatment of heart failure, setting up the outpatient clinic specialized for heart failure patients, and developing multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of severe heart failure. Some special techniques are used for critical illnesses and severe heart failure, for example, ECMO, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, hemofiltration, CMR, cardiac shock wave and etc.

CCU also takes the responsibility of cutting edge researches on the mechanisms and interventions of myocardial infarction and heart failure, funded by National and Municipal Funds. More than 60 professional papers have been published on international peer reviewed journals.

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