Heart Valve Disease and Root Reconstruction Surgery Department


Heart valve disease and root reconstruction surgery is a comprehensive surgical treatment of all heart valve diseases including rheumatic, degenerative, congenital, infectious, ischemic and etc. It is a key clinical technique in cardiovascular surgery. The department features new interventional technique for valve replacement, repair and reconstruction techniques for complex mitral regurgitation, and total aortic valve solution including aortic valve replacement, aortic valve repair, valve sparing aortic root replacement (David Procedure, Yacoub Procedure), and Ross Procedure composed the core clinical techniques for surgical treatment of heart valve disease and root reconstruction surgery.


In the past five years, the heart valve disease and root reconstruction surgery has been the first to complete Stanford modified David Procedure with heart valve repair, Lansac concept aortic root VAJ reconstruction, Schafers precision eH test in aortic valve repair, and VAJ reinforcement aortic root reconstruction (modified Yacoub Procedure) in China.

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